Bonnie's Journey

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Vacatiion And New Treatments

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My Vacation was wonderfull......the cool soft breeze was wonderful from off Lake Superior. The day after I got there was my Mother-in-law's birthday. Of course everyone brought gifts amd cards and had a good time.

The next day was my husbad's sister's birthday we brought gifts and cards and had fun there also.

One of my husband's aunts we went to told me she had beat cancer and that I would also. After I congratlulated her and thanked her I sat in a bit of shock.

New Treatments

With the elimination of the little green pill some things had non-stop appitie, my ability to stay up as long as i liked all had gone away. In fact I didn't want to eat at I was worried about the next step in there. Mon. Aug. 13 came and I had blood tests. Then Tues. Aug. 14th came.....the day I had my first Chemo Treatments.....I was scared. I had not been able to eat anything for several days Soon I was called into a room and got to sit in a reclining lazy boy and had a blanket put over me with a wrapped heatting pad by my hands. I was told there were about 5 steps t0 this after they put in the IV into my arm....

Step 1. was putting many more fluids in me this continues though the other steps.

Step 2.The Anti-Vomiting, Anti-Nausia meds.

Step 3. The Chemo.

Step 4. The Anti diarea meds.

Step 5. The flush as they call it or the ending. As we start by getting extra fluid we end with it too. Odd I feel better now that I ended my first far.


Bonnie's Back

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August 14, 2012


Bonnie went on vacation and was gone for almost a week, she is back home. She says she really enjoyed upper Michigan that it was nice and cool :)

She went to the Dr yesterday for blood tests and then today for her first chemo treatment. I just talked to her and it lasted for SEVEN hours. That is very long to me!! She said it did not make her sick even though they said it would. She will be going every 3 weeks for treatments now but they will be long (like this one was).

She has been running a fever but the Dr says to just watch it and she should be OK.


New Treatments Coming

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July 31, 2012

We only talked for a few minutes because she was very tired tonight, it maybe because they have taken her off the 'green' pills. While she was taking them she stayed awake all the time. Now all she wants to do is sleep.

Bonnie had an appointment today with her regular Oncologist. He told her they will begin the new treatments on Monday the 13th of August. She will only go once a month and the treatment will last for 4 hours. These are Chemo treatments and he gave her a perscription for the strongest anti-nausea meds there are. This has her very nervous.

In the mean time she will go on vactation to upper Michigan and be back on the 9th of August. :)


Moving Forward

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July 29, 2012

Bonnie is almost off the little green pill (with a kick), they have been weaning her off these for several weeks. She has two more half pills which she takes Tuesday and Thursday of this week. She is sleeping much better without them :) These pills kept her awake for 6 days straight at one point. She sleeps normally now and is not tired all the time. One thing that will keep her awake more is emotions.

A number of weird things have happened to her lately. Both of her sons have had some problems which they are working to overcome. One had a puncture would that a 'friend' told her about but it turned out to be nothing. They have discovered that someone they thought they could trust they really cannot and it is causing problems at the moment. This is someone real world in her town that she and her husband were trying to help. :(

Her leg is much better after the treatments and each day she can walk better and better. Her eyesight is getting better and she had an appointment with the Opthimologist tomorrow and then one with her Oncologist on Tuesday. So it is gonna be a full week again I guess.

They are planning a vacation to upper Michigan in August but must tie up some loose ends in Wisconsin first.

I will post again as she knows what the doctors say this week.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Long Weedend

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July 24, 2012

Bonnie and I both seemed to have taken a long weekend. She is doing really well with the treatments for now and is feeling good but is tired very often. I think radiation will do that to you. :(

Today is her last treatment in this series and she goes back to see her Oncologist on the 30th, so she will have a week off. She can read pretty well after having these treatments on the tumors in her brain so I guess they have shrunk them. The cancer on her hip is a little painful and they gave her something to take for that but she does not need it often.

We looked up a place for her to get wigs and hats and she had to go to Madison for them. I knew of a place here in El Paso that gave them out free and poked around on the internet to find one near her in Wisconsin. She says she got a blue hat that has a wig attached. (Makes me feel good to be of some help this far away :D ).

She is tired a lot and takes naps daily. We still talk on Skype daily but only for a short time cause she needs to rest.


Day 11 of brain radiation

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July 18, 2012

Today was the 11th radiation treatment on her brain. She is really happy cause they will do only 15 treatments and then she gets a break. Almost there!!

She is wondering what they will treat next?


Hair today Gone Tomorrow

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July 17, 2012

Sorry it has been a couple of days since I posted.

Bonnie is doing well but was in a lot of pain yesterday. They are treating her hip for cancer too, that is where the pain is. She asked for something for it today and says it takes it works great. She likes her wheel chair to make it easier to get into the treatment center.

This is Tuesday, yesterday I asked about her hair and she said she lost a little of it, today she says it all fell out. She is bald now and looking at wigs or scarves. She had gone to a regular wig shop but they were very expensive. I told her there are places that give them free to cancer patients :-) We went on line and I found one near her now she is sort of excited to go look.

I will post more tomorrow.


Bonnie says,

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July 13, 2012

I am almost off the green pills and seem more myself now. My eyesight is returning a little bit but they say it will get better. I am half way done with the radiation treatments for my brain and hip now.

Dr. Frontera, the cancer doctor I first met and told me the diagnoses of only a few months to live. I have discovered that one of my late cousins had the same doctor when he was diagnosed years ago. I talked to his wife and it was so interesting and good talking to her and have someone fully understand what it is to go through the discovery of cancer sith Dr. Frontera. Not what anyone would want to go though!! It's good to know that he is not my doctor and I do not have to listen to him nor see him ever again! It was good finding out my cousin's journey through cancer and how it touched mine with this doctor.

We thought about something naughty... not that we will get it any time soon. We thought about having a singapor sling, we have not had one in a long time. But I cannot have it til I am not on meds again.

My sister-in-law Jill calls often and we talk a lot. She lives in upper Michigan and we want to go there in August. I hope to be off treatments long enough to go.


Green Pills

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July 10, 2012

The doctors are weaning her off her green pills (Dexamethasone). They were prescribed to reduce the swelling in the tumors but keep her awake and feel really hungry all the time. They also say her coughing and wheezing is caused by getting over the smoking (she quit in June). The doctor told her to lay down if she is tired and not push herself.

Today she ate so much she could not lay down and sleep. Her husband went to his Renal doctor and they were talking to her and noticed she is really different.

Not such a full day tomorrow, she wants to clean house and wash walls.


Still getting stuff

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July 9, 2012

Today she got a wheel chair to help her get around a bit. It is a regular wheel chair as she does not not want to run down people faster. LOL

Then she went to see some friends for a while.


July 7, 2012

Today, no treatment, it is Saturday. :::smile:::

We talked to an old friend from DreamScape and it turns out she has lymphoma. In discussing this with her and others we find that several have cancer now also. Not a big group, how do so many have it?


Bonnie says

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July 6, 2012

I wish I could see better, it was nice going out to eat but now I am really bored. I want to be able to clean and organize things again.

They are treating me like an invalid at the center but I think it's only temporary. They had be go to a wig shop but I have so much hair there doesn't seem like much point right now. The lady said to just wait. They also want me to get a scarf just in case but I have lots of nice scarves at home.

Huggs to Jaz, Thorny, LadiNitro, and DK. Thank you for taking the time to leave me a note. Wanted to let you know that the only pain I have is in my thigh and then only when I move. I think it will go away soon.

I will probably get more energy in time. It's probably the little green pill they give me that throws my sleep pattern off. I don't sleep at night or in the daytime either. I just lay down and zone out. The tireness just seems to take over and I have to lay down and I am gone for a bit. Like is not a series of work like most people it is like living in a series of moments.

We are planning to visit Steven's folks in upper Michigan in August after this set of treatments. My sister-in-law, Jill, is very anxious to see us and my brother-in-law's girl friend is anxious to meet us. The girl friend has brain cancer also and they have given her no hope.


Days 3 & 4 of Treatment

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July 5, 2012

Today she had treatment again on her brain and leg. Each day they mark more spots on her leg. That seems to hurt more than the brain radiation.

July 6, 2012

Last treatment of the week. She did not feel like walking in for the treatment so Steven took her in a wheel chair. They gave her a cane with 4 feet to help her walk.

They ate at Farrow's this morning. It is really nice and it was good to get out.


Dictated by Bonnie

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July 4, 2012

Everyone's jouney with Cancer is unique.

There are some things we share with cancer survivers, no matter the age race etc but each person has their own road.

My journey started a little abruptly when I got sick to my stomach. Everyone thought it was my gall bladder, which spooked me to have it out, but I soon got the shocking news that it was really cancer. I thought 'Who? Me? The only surgery I ever had was my tonsils out at 5 years old, and now I have Cancer? Very funny right.' It did not dawn on me, some of it still has not dawned on me.

Some good news: all the aches and pains that I have suffered with for the past years have disappeared.

The leg pain has not gone away. The infamous leg pain that has bothered me for 20 some years has come to the attention of this Cancer Doctor. He checked it out and found it has cancer and is treating it along with the brain tumors that cause imbalance and dizzyness. I have been going to the doctors with this leg pain since I was in my 30s and now they find it is cancer.

However, the aches and pains in my back and shoulders are gone as if they never existed.

For the last few months I have not been able to wear most of my shoes because of the swelling in my feet. That has disappeared in the past week also. I can wear my sandals again! I am on a medicine called Dexamethasone to reduce swelling in the brain but I guess it works on other parts of the body too.

Dexamethasone is a steroid anti-inflamatory immunosurppressant which makes me feel very up and prevents me from sleeping, so they have lowered the dosage a bit. They say if I get blurry vision again to up the dosage of this. I am sleeping incredibly well now but right after I was put on this med I didn't sleep very much for 6 days.

I am wondering about this whole new world for me. What helps me is the little Fatima Garden at the entrance of the Cancer Center and the nun who greets me there and we sit and talk. It is designed like a cool little garden with running water in it and it gives me peace. There are placques that say in loving memory and has names of people that have been treated there. I think of all the people that have fought before me and their journey has ended there and they are at peace.

Today I was scared to go to this lake as it was hot and I wondered if I would survive it. Each day is like that, it brings on new frustrations and challenges. All this runs through my mind and each day I do everything at a very limited pace. The adjustments are frustrating, when I try to do something that I used to do well and can't now. And with each new frustration I yell 'GIVE ME A CIGARETTE!', I still want them but I will not smoke. There is nothing like soothing one's jangled nerves like a cigarette. I just want to release the frustrations. I have beautiful memories of smoking and I can close my eyes and pretend. Pretend does not kill you!!!There will be lots of sarcasims in this blog and there will continue to be. I am still me and still sarcastic.

I had a great compliment from my mother-in-law. When the Doctor told me and my husband, I had just a few months to live we decided not to fight it and live the those few months in comfort and not in the pain he described. My mother-in-law said it was obvious I had a lot of faith to do it that way, people with little faith fall completely apart. That complement made me feel really good.


First Treatment

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July 3, 2012

Bonnie's first treatment went well, she was amazed at the treatment room. The bed moves all around and up and down and the treatment machines does also. The machine also can tilt for better angels of treatment. The noise was kinda weird she said it sounded sorta like 'Techno' music at times because of the knocks, beeps and etc.

She was very tired this afternoon and rested a while. This evening she was feeling better but said her hips kinda hurt.


Starting Treatment

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July 2, 2012

Bonnie says they will be treating the brain tumors and the ones on her hips. No one had mentioned these to her before, so she was kinda surprised.

They took her around the treatment center to show her the rooms and how things work.


Cancer Treatment Center

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June 29, 2012 (Friday)

Bonnie went to the Cancer Center today and they will begin by treating the tumors in her brain. They say those are critical as the body needs a brain to function. LOL

She goes back Monday for the "set up" of treatment. She said they created a 'mask' of some sort to hold her head still during treatment.


Bonnie Sees Oncologist (Cancer Doctor)

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June 27, 2012

Bonnie saw her Oncologist (Dr Kim) for the first time and thinks he is wonderful. He too thinks this is a very treatable cancer even though it is Stage 4. He set her up with the Cancer Treatment Center on Friday (June 29).

She does seem very positive and wants to work at this.


Bonnie Sees Primary Care Doctor

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June 25, 2012

Bonnie went to her regular doctor today and will go to see a cancer specialist in the Bever Dam later this week. From there they will decide what is the best course of action.

Her own physician says this is very treatable. Fast growing cancer are fast to get rid of also.

I think it helps that Bonnie is in really good over all health and has a great attitude going into this.


Short time in Hospital

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June 22, 2012

Bonnie was only in the hospital a short time to do a biopsy of the turmors on her liver. I think they did them there because they were easier to get to.

A very nasty doctor came in and told her she has only a few months to live and if she fights it she will live maybe a year and be in horrible pain from the radiation and kemo. However, the nurse tells her it is very fightable and winable.

They also did a CatScan of her whole body. She has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread throughout her body. This all took place in a matter of weeks as she was doing well in April.


Bonnie's Journey Begins

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June 21, 2012 (email sent out)

Where to start?

About a month ago she seemed to change habits.

Did not want coffee, wanted ice-water, did not want to eat etc. This escalated to nausea and then she started being dizzy and had blurry vision.

It took us weeks to get her to go to the doc then they thought it was her gall bladder and scheduled an ultra sound to check that.

However, she got sick to her stomach this past weekend (Friday June 15) went to emergency and where they did the ultra sound.

They found tumors on her liver, kidneys, and lungs (her gall bladder was fine).

Then Wednesday (June 20) the doc ordered a Cat Scan of her whole body to rule out cancer.

What they found was multiple tumors in the brain, abdomen, thorax and bone cancer as well.

She was put in the hospital within hours of the scan and they will do a biopsy today to see where these originate.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Huggs you