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Vacatiion And New Treatments

Posted by norrieds on August 16, 2012 at 2:20 AM


My Vacation was wonderfull......the cool soft breeze was wonderful from off Lake Superior. The day after I got there was my Mother-in-law's birthday. Of course everyone brought gifts amd cards and had a good time.

The next day was my husbad's sister's birthday we brought gifts and cards and had fun there also.

One of my husband's aunts we went to told me she had beat cancer and that I would also. After I congratlulated her and thanked her I sat in a bit of shock.

New Treatments

With the elimination of the little green pill some things had non-stop appitie, my ability to stay up as long as i liked all had gone away. In fact I didn't want to eat at I was worried about the next step in there. Mon. Aug. 13 came and I had blood tests. Then Tues. Aug. 14th came.....the day I had my first Chemo Treatments.....I was scared. I had not been able to eat anything for several days Soon I was called into a room and got to sit in a reclining lazy boy and had a blanket put over me with a wrapped heatting pad by my hands. I was told there were about 5 steps t0 this after they put in the IV into my arm....

Step 1. was putting many more fluids in me this continues though the other steps.

Step 2.The Anti-Vomiting, Anti-Nausia meds.

Step 3. The Chemo.

Step 4. The Anti diarea meds.

Step 5. The flush as they call it or the ending. As we start by getting extra fluid we end with it too. Odd I feel better now that I ended my first far.


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